29 August 2009

Benny Moré: 90th Birthday Broadcast Tribute - Saturday, August 29, 2009

Esta Noche/TONITE: Saturday, August 29th!

This week, Radio Cuba Canta broadcasts a special tribute commemorating the 90th Birthday of "El Barbaro del Ritmo", Benny Moré!

Broadcast veteran and Cuban music historian Emiliano Echeverria will present his rare and vintage collection of Benny Moré, from his earliest recordings with the Conjunto Matamoros in 1945 to his final recording made in his home a few weeks before his death in 1963.

We will feature Benny with popular orchestras of the late 40s and early 50s in Mexico and Cuba, including Rafael de Paz, Mariano Mercerón, Conjunto Humberto Cane, Ernesto Duarte, and, of course, Damaso Perez Prado. In addition, we will feature Benny’s Banda Gigante in both studio and live settings, as well as seldom heard recordings from early in Benny Moré’s career.

Produced and hosted by Emiliano Echeverria
Associate producer & broadcast operator: Clay "C'Ton" Leander
Community Calendar produced by Ron Flores

Live Broadcast:
Saturday August 29, 2009 - 9pm Pacific
    (12 Midnight Eastern)
KPFA 94.1 FM - San Francisco Bay & Northern California -
KPFB 89.3 FM - Berkeley
KFCF 88.1 FM - Fresno
Live on the web at: www.kpfa.org

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Radio Cuba Canta- Saturday, - August 29, 2009

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Radio Cuba Canta - Saturday, - August 29, 2009

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Radio Cuba Canta broadcasts monthly on KPFA-FM during Con Sabor, a weekly program featuring the best in Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afro-Caribbean music hosted by executive producer Luis Medina.

25 August 2009

Cronicas De La Raza
25 August 2009 - KPFA FM

Tonight's program features the celebration of the Xicana Moratorium, historic musica of Benny More from Emiliano about his upcoming special on Radio Cuba Canta, and a tasty discussion with latina entrepreneur Paul Tejada about her Chilean empanadas. We offer news headlines from the Americas, the word from the Streets of Aztlan and an upcoming events calendar. Check out our website for more information, fotos and other interesting items. www.larazachronicles.org

Article link
El Tecolote: Paula Tejada - The Girl from Empanada:
Chilean entrepreneur takes her business venture to the streets

           Photo: Myleen Hollero

Produced by Vanessa Bohm, Ventura Longoria, Carmen Andrea Rivera, Emiliano Echeverria, Julieta Kusnir, Clay "C-Tone" Leander and Nina Serrano.

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La Raza Chronicles - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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22 August 2009

August 22, 2009 KPFA Local Station Board Election First Candidate Forum 2009

From KPFA LSB Election 2009 weblog: http://kpfaelection2009.blogspot.com

The first 2009 LSB Candidate Forum was recorded live at KPFA and aired between 12 pm and 6 pm August 22nd, 2009. We celebrated a great turn out - with 27 of the 29 listener candidates running for the LSB participating in person or via phone. We had 4 moderators and many calls from the public. Here are the 6 hours of candidate forum. Four or 5 candidates participate in each hour.

  August 22 Election Forum - all six hours: one file
Click to play/download - August 22 Election forum

  August 22 Election Forum - in six separate one-hour segments:

Hour 1: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Akio Tanaka
Richard Phelps
Dan Siegel
Mark Hernandez

Moderated by Renee Asteria

Hour 2: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Shara Esbenshade
Rahman Jamal McCreadie
Stan Woods
Donald Goldmacher

Moderated by Kris Welsh

Hour 3: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Jim Curtis
Sasha Futran
Conn Hallinan
John Van Eyck

Moderated by Joy Moore

Hour 4: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Annie Hallatt
Mike Smith
Jim Weber
Gerald Sanders
Judith Gips

Moderated by Joy Moore

Hour 5: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Lara Kiswani
Jack Kurzweil
Andrea Turner
Jaime Cader
Henry Norr

Moderated by Gregg McVicar

Hour 6: Broadcast of KPFA LSB Candidates Forum - Aug 22 2009

Andrea Prichett
Adam Hudson
Pamela Drake
Virginia Rodriguez
Steve Zeltzer

Moderated by Gregg McVicar

Absent Candidates:
Lara Kiswani
Banafsheh Akhlaghi

Visit Pacificafoundation.org for Candidate Statements.

Updated list of Candidate forums on

KPFA Local Election Supervisor:
Renee Asteria
(510) 848 - 6767 ext. 626 or (510) 230 - 8960

National Election Supervisor:
Les Radke
(510) 798 - 8622